An Evening With A Minx…part one

A few weeks ago I had the chance to try out a new local studio, about 10 minutes from home instead of the 50 minute journey.

A small studio, but very well equipped, complete with an infinity wall, nice and bright white.

The model for the night was Kez, who is also know as Miss Minx. Not worked with her before so this was first. She was easy going and up for trying out some idea that were very clearly uncomfortable, but with a smile on her face she obliged.

So a few images from the night below  these are from the first session that we did together, there was a change of outfits, for another sessions, but more of those in part two…..

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A evening with Shawna

Last week I did a studio/location shoot with a model I had not worked before, Shawna. The location was the Strangetown Studios located in the Telsen building in Aston, Birmingham. This, many years ago was thriving business making radios, under the name of Telsen, hence the link. It fell into disuse, to be reborn as building now housing many and varied business, including several photo studios, Strangetown Studio been one of them.

The venue is a joy as you can easily flip between the studio with controlled light to the building itself, where there are endless possibilities to use natural light or speedlights, to mix in with the industrial look add feel of a building, lets be honest, in some parts has seen better days, but these give a ‘grunge’ feel to shoots.

So, here a just a few, both studio and location images of the evening with Shawna. As previous posts of other shoots, there will be a part 2 and possibly a part 3 to follow.

Hope you enjoy.




An evening in Strangetown………

On Monday night I attended the opening night of a new studio in Birmingham. Housed in the old Telsen Radio building, Strangetown ( a Jam track) offers some very atmospheric locations from goods lift that come complete with grunge effect, staircases and industrial areas.

The resident model, Lady-Emilie Walt was lined up a few hours passed both in the studio and locations through the building.

Below are just a few images of Emilie from the night. Look forward to doing more shoots there in the future.

A morning at Church……

Last weekend I was part of a small group who carried out a location shoot with a local model. The setting was an old  church near Enville in Staffordshire.

Late C18. Roughcast brick; plain tile roofs. Gothic revival building in the form of a church with cylindrical west tower and 2-bay ‘nave’. Tower has 3 pointed windows with cast iron frames, each side of the nave has a panelled and nail studded door with 4-centred arch, and amural cupboard with acutely pointed arch and boarded door; full-height
pointed eastern entrance with double door, nail studded and formerly half-glazed.

Building (3 of 5)

Interior. Pointed arch to apsidal chamber within the tower.
Erected in memory of William Shenstone who worked on the landscaping of the
grounds during the 1750’s and 60’s.

It is a very atmospheric location and the model played her part well, dressing up a ‘little red ridding hood’. Images from the shot to follow in a separate post.

Building (2 of 5)

So for now just a few images of the building, well just some of the small details.

Building (1 of 5)

The building is well off the beaten track, and is one of those hidden gems, that needs to stay hidden. It is a testament to the craftsmen of the the 18th Century that it is still standing. When you consider where it is and the fact that it has been there for over 200 years, well worth a visit….if you can find it…happy hunting.

Forgotten Images

OK so while going through some SD cards I came across a photo shoot that I did back in July 2015, fortunately it was just for myself with no end client, probably why they slipped my mind.


The model was a local girl, Charlotte (aka Lottie). Still fairly young bit really great to work with. Her parents came along as chaperone’s for the evening, and just like their daughter they were a great couple.


The location was Brookfields Cemetery in the Jewellery Quarter, seems like a strange place for a photo shoot, but it works, there is some great architecture and late in the evening the sun is low and you get some great light and shadows.


Any way, that will teach me to take them off the SD cards as soon as get back, could quote easily have formatted them and lost all the work, a big lesson to learn.


Hope you like the photos.


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