An Evening With A Minx…part one

A few weeks ago I had the chance to try out a new local studio, about 10 minutes from home instead of the 50 minute journey.

A small studio, but very well equipped, complete with an infinity wall, nice and bright white.

The model for the night was Kez, who is also know as Miss Minx. Not worked with her before so this was first. She was easy going and up for trying out some idea that were very clearly uncomfortable, but with a smile on her face she obliged.

So a few images from the night below  these are from the first session that we did together, there was a change of outfits, for another sessions, but more of those in part two…..

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An evening with a Vampire….

OK, not a dramatic as the title suggests. As in an earlier blog, I have joined the ranks of Purple-Port and dived in a set up a shot with a local model who goes under the name of….Vampire Princess…..

This was the first time that I had arranged a shot, so was a bit apprehensive. Once I meet the ‘Vampire@ any thoughts I had was soon put to the back of my mind, and we dived straight into the session.

I had booked for an one hour slot, and before i knew it, the 60 minutes had gone, just as well as bang on cue, the batteries in my flash gave up the ghost. I was a bit surprised that they only lasted the hour, but when I looked at the image count on the SD card, I had some understanding, in the hour, I had shot over 170 frames….

I managed to get some good shots, a few of which are below. So thank you very much Vampire, a great introduction, and it’s not put me off doing anymore using Purple-Port.

Note – some of the images are nude, so only carry on if these do not offend you…..

More of Marra

As stated in previous posts, I seem to find little time to do the editing, finally got around do doing some more of the shoot with Marra back in September 2017.

There are still some more to do, as well as images from other shoots.

Now where did I put the keys to the time machine……..




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Shawna, it continues

As stated way back when, some more images from the shoot with Shawna at the Strangetown Studio in Birmingham.



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ill a few more to go….

More of Jason

Finally got around to editing more of the images taken way back in September with Jason Segade, still have some more to go through. Strange, that editing images seems to be a very laboriously task, one that seems to be put off until the images turn from a straight forward task to a momentous input of effort. Still have more images from the other two models, Mara and Shawna to go through. Have posted some of their images already, and with shoots planed for December and January the workload will soon start to mount up.

I enjoy the process of taking the image, from setting the lights to directing the model to the final press of the shutter button highly enjoyable and often get lost and oblivious to time. Whilst I try and get the image right in camera, there is always a small amount of editing to do, either cropping or converting to black and white.

Still, one must press on, so here are a few more images from the shoot.

A big thanks to Jason and to David Rann.

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A evening with Shawna

Last week I did a studio/location shoot with a model I had not worked before, Shawna. The location was the Strangetown Studios located in the Telsen building in Aston, Birmingham. This, many years ago was thriving business making radios, under the name of Telsen, hence the link. It fell into disuse, to be reborn as building now housing many and varied business, including several photo studios, Strangetown Studio been one of them.

The venue is a joy as you can easily flip between the studio with controlled light to the building itself, where there are endless possibilities to use natural light or speedlights, to mix in with the industrial look add feel of a building, lets be honest, in some parts has seen better days, but these give a ‘grunge’ feel to shoots.

So, here a just a few, both studio and location images of the evening with Shawna. As previous posts of other shoots, there will be a part 2 and possibly a part 3 to follow.

Hope you enjoy.




New Model

OK, so she is not a real model, but in fact my granddaughter. I was trying out a few ideas, and well she was there. For a nine year old she is very thoughtful, and even though i am very obviously biased,  gorgeous.

Hope you like the images. all natural light and processed using Silver Efex.


The paper, if you are wondering, was the Sunday Times…..





An evening in Strangetown………

On Monday night I attended the opening night of a new studio in Birmingham. Housed in the old Telsen Radio building, Strangetown ( a Jam track) offers some very atmospheric locations from goods lift that come complete with grunge effect, staircases and industrial areas.

The resident model, Lady-Emilie Walt was lined up a few hours passed both in the studio and locations through the building.

Below are just a few images of Emilie from the night. Look forward to doing more shoots there in the future.

It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I posted, life seems to have got in the way and somewhere posting took a backseat, thinking that I will post tomorrow, but that day never seemed to come around, till today. Its been quiet on the photography front, so here is a few from a studio shoot I did a while ago.

Must make more of an effort and try to post on a regular basis, and try some new techniques.

One thing to look forward to is the Photography Show at the NEC next weekend. Ticket have arrived and I am all set. If it is anything like the last few show, it should be a good one, post will follow.


A change from the normal

Its been a while since my last blog, somewhere along the way, life got in the way and i have not found the time to do any blogs, and i have got quote a few to do. But lets get this one on there onto the wild wild web.

A few month ago i was asked by a good friend if i could take a few photo’s of his step-daughters wedding. After a short time to ponder it over ( 5 seconds) the answer was a responding yes. Now i was well out of my comfort zone. I am used to working in a studio with one/two models, not a baying mob of wedding guests. What could go wrong…….


As it turned out, nothing. It was a great day, mind you the bride and groom helped, Sophie and Josh were great and really cooperative. For my first wedding shot, they certainty made it very easy. OK, the image below is not the bride and groom,but the bride and step-dad.IMG_5397

The venue was just right and the weather, well considering this was June in England……is was perfect, bright blue skies, no rain….makes a change for an English summer.


So below are just a few of images from the day

So thanks to Sophie and Josh for allowing me to record their special day.

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