Forgotten Images

OK so while going through some SD cards I came across a photo shoot that I did back in July 2015, fortunately it was just for myself with no end client, probably why they slipped my mind.


The model was a local girl, Charlotte (aka Lottie). Still fairly young bit really great to work with. Her parents came along as chaperone’s for the evening, and just like their daughter they were a great couple.


The location was Brookfields Cemetery in the Jewellery Quarter, seems like a strange place for a photo shoot, but it works, there is some great architecture and late in the evening the sun is low and you get some great light and shadows.


Any way, that will teach me to take them off the SD cards as soon as get back, could quote easily have formatted them and lost all the work, a big lesson to learn.


Hope you like the photos.


Ellie- A night in the studio

Been a while since my last blog.  Recently carried out a studio shoot with Ellie, who you will see has bright blue hair….Again she was a very nice model to work with, very easy going and not put off by the strange requests that I had, involving screaming her head off as loud as  she could. Needless to say that that image did not work so it will not be appearing on these pages any-time soon, Maybe for another day with another model.


We used a variety of locations in the studio from a bright wall in the entrance to a few backdrops, and even managed to get a chair into the action. I would mention that it must be an age related issue that when I asked Ellie to pose as ‘Christine Keeler’ on the chair I was met with blank expression, however when this was explained as to the pose she went for it, slightly adapted…..


Still a very good night was had and between us we managed to get some good images, certainly somebody I will like to work with again in the future.Ellie2

Equipment used on the night was a Canon EOS60D with a 50mm f1.8 lens. Lighting was a by using the modelling light, with a reflector where required.



Another studio shoot with a new model that I had not worked with before.


So let me introduce you to Immogen..who’s normally seen flying the skies from Birmingham airport as she, for her day job, works for a local airline as an air stewardess.


So for the evening I used the main studio, with just one light and kept the modelling light on, rather than use the flash head.


Attached to the studio there is a small cafe, as we were working late this was closed and empty, so instead of letting it lie unused we tried a few shots up there, carefully carrying the light up from the studio.

Immogen3 Immogen2

A good night was had and I look forward to working with Immogen again the future.

Camera used for the night was my Canon EOS60D with my faithful 50mm f1.8 lens, might be a cheap lens, bit produces some great images.


Night of Heritage Light

Last night I took part in an event to celebrate the year of light.

The event was to light up nine UNESCO world heritage sites in the UK and the local site to myself was the Ironbridge in Telford and was organised by the Society of Light and Lighting.

The event was well attended and a local film crew for the BBC turned up to film some of the event.

I am still going through the images that i took on the night, so there will be some more to follow in the next few days. Below is just the first two that i needed to do to fulfil the immediate submittal requests from the organisers.

Michael Cassell - Ironbridge2 Michael Cassell - Ironbridge1

Newhampton Art Centre

Not done much lately till last week. A trip to Italy got in the way. Anyway last week I went on a shoot at Newhamtpon Arts Centre to follow their dress rehearsal for a show last Friday (12 Sept 2015).

It was a good night, who new there was so much talent in Wolverhampton…….

I have included the first batch of images from the night, there are are a few more… follow when i find the time.

Many thanks to David Rann at Fotofilia for arranging and thoroughly enjoyable night and hopefully i will do it again soon.

IMG_2699 IMG_2643 IMG_2630 IMG_2577 IMG_2483

The Photography Show 2015

So last week was the annual trip to the National Exhibition Centre to the Photography Show. A change of halls this year which meant a much shorter walk from the train station. Keep the aching feet for the walk around the hall.

I arrived just after 10 and after a quick breakfast entered the lions dens. Compared to last years visit the hall was very busy for an early start, sign of good times ahead.

The seminars were well attended, pity on the Bowen’s stand later on that the link from the camera to the laptop failed so we were not able to keep up and this lost a lot of the audience.

Adobe seminars were full to bursting, even though I had a ticket, I only just squeezed in. Adobe needs to sort this out for next year, tickets get the seats, at least we took the trouble to get there early to reserve a space.

Last word must go to the Wild Arena team set up on the Manfrotto stand. Shame that you looked as an after thought on there, but the seminar that you did was first rate, and the ‘models’ that you had behaved like proper professionals. A  bigger stand next year with better signing would not go amiss.

Will I be attending next years show, yes I will, still worth going, and compared to last years, this was a much improved show.


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