A morning at…..Himley Hall

It’s been a while since my last blog, very busy at home and work and did not seem to be able to find the time to spare 30 minutes to do a blog. So here it is..


A few weeks ago I had a spare 30 minutes one morning and was driving past Himley Hall just outside Dudley. The only camera’s I had with me was my phone and my Konstructor camera. So, with only having used the Konstructor only once ( one film) and having already loaded it with Ilford FP4 i decided to give it another workout. So a quick walk around and the images were in the bag… or the roll depending upon your point of view.

Himley Hall was once the seat of the Earl of Dudley and the gardens laid out by one Capability Brown ( you might have heard of him).Well worth a visit if you are in the area, the house is not always open but the grounds are worth the walk.


Himley Hall (1 of 1)-4

FHimley Hall (1 of 1)-5

A look back

Has been a quite few weeks on the photography side, weather not the best and lots of other things going on.

Had a look through some old sessionsIMG_6621_0771 that I have done before I started blogging or even had heard of WordPress.

So looking through the files I came across a set of images from a outdoor shot way back in November 2013, with Christine. The location was a long disused railway bridge, that the local ‘art types’ with their can of┬ácoloured paint spray have transformed into some quiet stunning graffiti works of art.


The site is quite unique and if you did not know of its location, you would not stumble across it by chance.


Keep meaning to go back one day but just never seam to get around to it. Hopefully the location has not changed too much…..one day soon.


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