A dress rehearsal shoot

Back in July I was given the chance to cover the dress rehearsal for a local amateur theatre group at the Price of Wales Theatre in Cannock, Staffordshire. The brief was to get as many images as I  could. A tall challenge.

I did not want to use flash as this would have not been effective due to the distance from the stage and the performers, plus, if  I was close enough to use any flash, it would have cancelled out the stage lighting and not really captured the colour of the evening.



So i opted for a high ISO, ranging from 800 to 3200 and used my feet to move around rather than stay static.



The evening was a great success, and i think that i got some good images. The performers were great and from what i am told, the actual show was very well received.


I have put just a few of the many images that i took on the night and hope you enjoy the, I  thoroughly enjoyed attending the rehearsal, and finger crossed i get the chance to do it again next year.



I must pay a big thank you to Emily Walt for giving me the opportunity to attend, plus to all of the performers who didn’t seem to mind me too much, thank you all and best wishes for the future.



An Evening with…. Emilie

I recently had the chance to work with a local model, Emilie Walt. I have worked with her before, these either being location shoots (local car parks in the Jewellery Quarter) or a dance evening, so this was something different. A more relaxed studio shoot with the chance to move the lights were needed and the opportunity to move Emilie into the  various moods and shoot that I was after.



A lot of images where taken on the night and these are interspersed  throughout this blog.


Emilie, as ever, is a great person to work with, and knows how to move herself for the Emilie2result that you are trying to achieve. She is simply superb..


Thank you Emilie





Dance Evening – A few images

OK, so last week i took part in a dance shoot event at Birmingham Open Media. It was a great night with some great dancers.

Finally got around to editing the pictures, bit busy getting ready for xmas, so here they are, hope you enjoy.


These are both of Emilie Rebecca Walt.

I have some to post, hopefully will get around to these over the weekend.

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