A new camera in the bag

During my recent visit to the Photography Show in March 2016 i decided to splash out on a brand new camera……sod the expense I had earnt it, so with no holding back i took the plunge and brought a new Konstructor camera from the nice people on the Lomography stand. Also visited the Ilford stand to splash out on few rolls of Ilford FP4 35mm film, well no good having the camera if I haven’t got a film to use in it.

So on a rainy weekend, out it came and I started to put it together. The manual reckons between 1 hour to 2 hours to build, 2 hours is closer to the mark, if you tried to do it in 1 hour, there is a chance that you could miss some important steps and screw it up.

Camera now built and loaded with film, time to find something to take picture off. I knew of  a landmark just outside Warwick, and old windmill with easy access.


I enjoyed walking around and using the camera, did take some used to, there are only a few setting, either times at 1/60th or bulb mode, and a basic focusing ring. Fixed aperture at f10. It made a nice change from having a multitude of settings. Fixed lens was not an issue as I tend to use a 50mm or 90mm lens on my Canon.

Film exposed, and with developing tanks long since departed, it was off to the local lab to have the film developed and scanned onto CD, and then the wait to see if I had captured anything at all…..and  surprise, i had.


So with CD in hand off to the computer and edit in Silver Efex, using the Antique Plate II setting. Kept quite simple really, no cropping no other edits.





Not all good and not all bad. Very much a learning curve.

So with another film already in the camera, time to head off again and keep on learning.


Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera

a while ago i borrowed an old Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) camera, loaded it up with a roll of Ilford FP4 120 film and headed out. This camera compared to my Canon EOS60D is a massive step back in time, no meter, no preview screen, no auto focus, etc etc.

Also the screen works in reverse which took some getting used to. I did not take my DSLR and tried to remember the settings when the only camera i had ( a Zenith brick) which was also limited with the lack of a meter and preview screens.

A happy time was spent as i reacquainted myself with the workings, film duly used, off to the local lab to have it processed, my darkroom equipment has long gone, and then the wait for the CD with the images to see if they had worked.

Considering it has been an while, i was quite pleased with results, some processing using Silver Efex and they are not too bad. Even thought i would add a few to this blog.

So now to get some more film from the Photography Show at Birmingham which is in the next week and then load up and head out.

CNV00001-Edit CNV00004-Edit CNV00009-Edit

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