The Big Little Ale Company

Last weekend i was asked to take some pictures for a small start up firm, The Little Big Ale Company.


They were doing a festival at Ironbridge, Shropshire. The mobile bar is run by Alex and Sam Love, and judging by the amount of people buying the beer, they look like they are going to make a great success of their new venture.


I can recommend the Duck Blonde beer, very nice on a warm sunny day, I was not alone, it was the first beer to sell out.


Taking the photos proved to be a bit tricky, the light was very bright and the trees in the park were casting some long shadows , giving very bright areas and dark areas next to each other. I found that by using my feet and moving around, this could be eliminated.

Also getting in close proved to be effective as well.



Here’s to the next event.


Good luck Sam and Alex.

Night of Heritage Light – Part Two

Okay, so following my post from the other day, I have finally reviewed more of the images that I took on the night.

As I said the night was to reflect the year of light as promoted by the Society of Light and Lighting and as member or the Royal Photographic Society I attend the event to record the night.

Hat of to the light designers they really pulled this of and I suspect that the number of people there really enjoyed the night. Maybe the local authority ought to make this a regular event.

Michael Cassell - Ironbridge7 Michael Cassell - Ironbridge6 Michael Cassell - Ironbridge5 Michael Cassell - Ironbridge4 Michael Cassell - Ironbridge3

Night of Heritage Light

Last night I took part in an event to celebrate the year of light.

The event was to light up nine UNESCO world heritage sites in the UK and the local site to myself was the Ironbridge in Telford and was organised by the Society of Light and Lighting.

The event was well attended and a local film crew for the BBC turned up to film some of the event.

I am still going through the images that i took on the night, so there will be some more to follow in the next few days. Below is just the first two that i needed to do to fulfil the immediate submittal requests from the organisers.

Michael Cassell - Ironbridge2 Michael Cassell - Ironbridge1

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