A look back

Has been a quite few weeks on the photography side, weather not the best and lots of other things going on.

Had a look through some old sessionsIMG_6621_0771 that I have done before I started blogging or even had heard of WordPress.

So looking through the files I came across a set of images from a outdoor shot way back in November 2013, with Christine. The location was a long disused railway bridge, that the local ‘art types’ with their can of coloured paint spray have transformed into some quiet stunning graffiti works of art.


The site is quite unique and if you did not know of its location, you would not stumble across it by chance.


Keep meaning to go back one day but just never seam to get around to it. Hopefully the location has not changed too much…..one day soon.


Interesting Challenge

So at the last camera club meeting we were challenged to come up with a AV project lasting between 1:30 – 3:00 minutes, to include a soundtrack if required.

All to be complete for the end of April 2015 with a grand viewing to be held at a venue sometime in May 2015.

Now to get the thinking cap on, a few ideas kicking around so time to start planning so which may be the best option.

Before this was announced we had a talk by local photographer Richard Battye of his new project based on the form of the human body, some very unusual images and some striking poses.

Check out his work at http://www.riverstudio.co.uk   well woth a look.

Welcome to my blog

After a while of thinking about a blog, finally got around to setting one up.


This is my first blog, so excuse me if not got much to say.  i am a keen photographer and this is the theme for my blogs


For my first one just a couple of images from a urbex location shoot with a local model.


Hope you enjoy.

Stacy, a local model
Stacy, a local model
Stacy, a local model
Stacy, a local model

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