An evening with Bethany

In the first week of the new year I did a photo shoot with a new model, Bethany. Not worked with her before so it was nice to meet somebody new. As with all the models that i have worked with over the years, female and male, she was great to work with, understood the image that I was trying to achieve.

Throughout the session she never complained once, even when we ventured into the building away from the warmth if the studio, it was cold……..As other shoots in the same venue, the goods lift was used, not quite frosty in there, but with all the metal, and the clothes she was wearing, cold….not a question it was a fact.

We a few changes of outfits she gave three different looks, from a very sophisticated look to grunge, it appeared to be all so easy for her, she did it with such grace.

The evening was a great success so a big thanks to Bethany, she was an absolute star to work with.

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More of Marra

As stated in previous posts, I seem to find little time to do the editing, finally got around do doing some more of the shoot with Marra back in September 2017.

There are still some more to do, as well as images from other shoots.

Now where did I put the keys to the time machine……..




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Shawna, it continues

As stated way back when, some more images from the shoot with Shawna at the Strangetown Studio in Birmingham.



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ill a few more to go….

More of Jason

Finally got around to editing more of the images taken way back in September with Jason Segade, still have some more to go through. Strange, that editing images seems to be a very laboriously task, one that seems to be put off until the images turn from a straight forward task to a momentous input of effort. Still have more images from the other two models, Mara and Shawna to go through. Have posted some of their images already, and with shoots planed for December and January the workload will soon start to mount up.

I enjoy the process of taking the image, from setting the lights to directing the model to the final press of the shutter button highly enjoyable and often get lost and oblivious to time. Whilst I try and get the image right in camera, there is always a small amount of editing to do, either cropping or converting to black and white.

Still, one must press on, so here are a few more images from the shoot.

A big thanks to Jason and to David Rann.

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End of an era……..

One a month, myself and few fellow photographers attend a small but informed club run by David Rann. David works hard at organising guest speakers, and some have been of the Richter scale in the talks that they give. Sadly though as much as tries , he is often let down my speakers failing ti turn up, cancelling. at very very short notice or not even bothering to return calls.

David also runs courses with approach to improve peoples photography techniques, and having been on several of these I can say that he hits the bulls-eye every time, from models to locations to advice. As with the club, he is often let done by no-show models and is left running around at the last minute to arrange replacements, who, occasionally also let him down.

David has now decided to call it a day on the courses and the club, after the end of this year.

David will be missed as I am sure that all the people that have been on his courses, myself included, have seen their photography improve significantly.

David, all the best for the future and thanks for your support over the last years…..




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