An evening with Bethany

In the first week of the new year I did a photo shoot with a new model, Bethany. Not worked with her before so it was nice to meet somebody new. As with all the models that i have worked with over the years, female and male, she was great to work with, understood the image that I was trying to achieve.

Throughout the session she never complained once, even when we ventured into the building away from the warmth if the studio, it was cold……..As other shoots in the same venue, the goods lift was used, not quite frosty in there, but with all the metal, and the clothes she was wearing, cold….not a question it was a fact.

We a few changes of outfits she gave three different looks, from a very sophisticated look to grunge, it appeared to be all so easy for her, she did it with such grace.

The evening was a great success so a big thanks to Bethany, she was an absolute star to work with.

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