LRPS Update

OK, so this was the weekend when i went for my LRPS distinction. After a nail biting wait, the decision was announced, and i did not get through. Very disappointed but not too down hearted. The feedback generally were quite good, but some of the areas that they noted, in my mind, were very small. Things like small blown out areas that they said distracted from the image, and also, the images were too big. I know that they have to be critical, but the standard that they are setting is very high. I will take on the comments and work on these for another selection. I do think that they are looking for absolute perfection, but at the end of the day, photography is an art form, and as an art form is it open to different interpretation and sometimes the rule book needs to be torn up and thrown out the window.

The judging standard is extreme, i watched 5 portfolios go through the system, including my own, and only one go through. That made me feel slightly better.

Oh well, here is to the next time, a word or warning if you are planning to go for an LRPS, go to an advisory day first, i did not, and i wonder if i had, would the outcome been different.

LRPS Update

So, the date is booked for me to submit my work to see if it is good enough to earn a LRPS Distinction from the the Royal Photographic Society.

Date is the 22nd March during the Photography Show at the NEC, Birmingham.

Sent of the images to the printers, now just waiting for them to comeback and then review and change and sort the changing plan and then review till i get my final ten.

Getting some thoughts now that the selection will not be good enough but at least i have got time to re-shoot / re-work any that i do not think that are strong enough.

Not too stressed at the moment, but no doubt when the prints turn up and then the day starts to get closer the jangle of the nerves will start to increase…….

LRPS Distinction

Ok, so after a lot of deliberation, i have decided to apply for an LRPS distinction with the Royal Photographic Society. I have been looking through images that i have taken over the past years both in studio and location shoots and have made a selection of the pictures that i will review and get down to the required number. Strangely, the images that i like are all of portraits, both male and female, So over the next few week i will look at these at different time of the day and make my selection.

I have also posted them in this blog, please see below, so if anybody out there reads the blog, any comment/thoughts/suggestions that you my have (keep them clean) would be most welcome and helpful.

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