LRPS Update

OK, so this was the weekend when i went for my LRPS distinction. After a nail biting wait, the decision was announced, and i did not get through. Very disappointed but not too down hearted. The feedback generally were quite good, but some of the areas that they noted, in my mind, were very small. Things like small blown out areas that they said distracted from the image, and also, the images were too big. I know that they have to be critical, but the standard that they are setting is very high. I will take on the comments and work on these for another selection. I do think that they are looking for absolute perfection, but at the end of the day, photography is an art form, and as an art form is it open to different interpretation and sometimes the rule book needs to be torn up and thrown out the window.

The judging standard is extreme, i watched 5 portfolios go through the system, including my own, and only one go through. That made me feel slightly better.

Oh well, here is to the next time, a word or warning if you are planning to go for an LRPS, go to an advisory day first, i did not, and i wonder if i had, would the outcome been different.

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