A studio shoot

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A short while ago, I had a studio shoot with another local model. Mollee was another model that i found easy to work with. unfortunately, i had to leave early so did not manage to get a second session with her, so here are just of a few images from the first session, hope you like them…..Bum-1-2


An evening with a Minx….Part two

So finally got around to editing some more of the images with the Minx..I wonder sometimes if it would be easier to give up the day job and concentrate 100% on my photography… one can dream……

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An Evening With A Minx…part one

A few weeks ago I had the chance to try out a new local studio, about 10 minutes from home instead of the 50 minute journey.

A small studio, but very well equipped, complete with an infinity wall, nice and bright white.

The model for the night was Kez, who is also know as Miss Minx. Not worked with her before so this was first. She was easy going and up for trying out some idea that were very clearly uncomfortable, but with a smile on her face she obliged.

So a few images from the night below¬† these are from the first session that we did together, there was a change of outfits, for another sessions, but more of those in part two…..

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An evening with Bethany

In the first week of the new year I did a photo shoot with a new model, Bethany. Not worked with her before so it was nice to meet somebody new. As with all the models that i have worked with over the years, female and male, she was great to work with, understood the image that I was trying to achieve.

Throughout the session she never complained once, even when we ventured into the building away from the warmth if the studio, it was cold……..As other shoots in the same venue, the goods lift was used, not quite frosty in there, but with all the metal, and the clothes she was wearing, cold….not a question it was a fact.

We a few changes of outfits she gave three different looks, from a very sophisticated look to grunge, it appeared to be all so easy for her, she did it with such grace.

The evening was a great success so a big thanks to Bethany, she was an absolute star to work with.

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More of Marra

As stated in previous posts, I seem to find little time to do the editing, finally got around do doing some more of the shoot with Marra back in September 2017.

There are still some more to do, as well as images from other shoots.

Now where did I put the keys to the time machine……..




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More of Jason

Finally got around to editing more of the images taken way back in September with Jason Segade, still have some more to go through. Strange, that editing images seems to be a very laboriously task, one that seems to be put off until the images turn from a straight forward task to a momentous input of effort. Still have more images from the other two models, Mara and Shawna to go through. Have posted some of their images already, and with shoots planed for December and January the workload will soon start to mount up.

I enjoy the process of taking the image, from setting the lights to directing the model to the final press of the shutter button highly enjoyable and often get lost and oblivious to time. Whilst I try and get the image right in camera, there is always a small amount of editing to do, either cropping or converting to black and white.

Still, one must press on, so here are a few more images from the shoot.

A big thanks to Jason and to David Rann.

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A day with Phase One

A short while ago I was lucky to attend an event organised by the Flash Centre at a local studio in Worcester. The event was a hand on session with the latest Phase One camera, the impressive sounding IQ3 100MP Trichromatic, rather a mouth full.

After a talk by the product manager from Phase One explaining all of the new features, we managed to get our hand on them, not quite a scrum but a well organised wait, typically English.

Not having used a Phase One camera before, the weight of the unit took me by surprise, a very heavy beast, can see why they are used in studio and on tripods, you would not want to carry one of the beasts around taking holiday snaps….

The camera itself, was very easy to use, no manuals on hand but a after a few minutes of pressing the buttons on the top, soon got used to the controls.

Was very nice using it at 1/2000’s with the studio lights firing and no black bar evident in the images.

So on to the shoot, there were different situations already set up, one was a Lamborghini, very nice and as you can image, the queue to use the cameras in this area was long, so after grabbing a few shots with my phone, I based myself in the studio where a couple of motor bikes had been set up. Much less hassle and I was able to take my time and walk around and get up close.

A great morning, and the camera well impressive, would I like one, simple answer, yes, can i afford one, no, can i justify one, no, but one has to have dreams and aspirations.

Enjoy a few images from the day.







An evening with Marra

So another post from me. Continuing the thread of my last two posts, here are some more portrait shot of local model Marra. These were all taken in the studio some using  using a single soft box on her right and a white board on the right to bounce back the light.

And before anybody asks/send abusive mail etc. the coat was faux fur. There are still some more images to process, still find it difficult to put time aside for editing. Think a time management session is needed, or more hours in the day…

An evening in Strangetown………

On Monday night I attended the opening night of a new studio in Birmingham. Housed in the old Telsen Radio building, Strangetown ( a Jam track) offers some very atmospheric locations from goods lift that come complete with grunge effect, staircases and industrial areas.

The resident model, Lady-Emilie Walt was lined up a few hours passed both in the studio and locations through the building.

Below are just a few images of Emilie from the night. Look forward to doing more shoots there in the future.

It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I posted, life seems to have got in the way and somewhere posting took a backseat, thinking that I will post tomorrow, but that day never seemed to come around, till today. Its been quiet on the photography front, so here is a few from a studio shoot I did a while ago.

Must make more of an effort and try to post on a regular basis, and try some new techniques.

One thing to look forward to is the Photography Show at the NEC next weekend. Ticket have arrived and I am all set. If it is anything like the last few show, it should be a good one, post will follow.


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