A day with Debi – part one

October is blind awareness month, I was asked to do a shoot with a local model, Debi. Debi has retinitis pigmentosa  and is blind in the left eye with only limited sight in the right eye, that at some point in the future will also fail. The idea behind the shoot was to show that visually impaired people are able to interact and get out and about with everybody else, and also for people to be aware of the difficulty that they pose and to be able to recognise their needs and to be able to offer assistance if required. Some of the stories that Debi told me of incidents that have happened to her in the locality really shocked me, and I was horrified at the way the she, and people in her situation had/have been treated.

For the location we chose Wightwick Manor, in Wolverhampton, a fantastic backdrop of mock Tudor building and wonderful gardens, luckily we had perfect weather, so below are few images from the first session that we did, more will follow , as she had brought along a change of clothes, and we moved around the property.



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