A day with Debi – part one

October is blind awareness month, I was asked to do a shoot with a local model, Debi. Debi has retinitis pigmentosa  and is blind in the left eye with only limited sight in the right eye, that at some point in the future will also fail. The idea behind the shoot was to show that visually impaired people are able to interact and get out and about with everybody else, and also for people to be aware of the difficulty that they pose and to be able to recognise their needs and to be able to offer assistance if required. Some of the stories that Debi told me of incidents that have happened to her in the locality really shocked me, and I was horrified at the way the she, and people in her situation had/have been treated.

For the location we chose Wightwick Manor, in Wolverhampton, a fantastic backdrop of mock Tudor building and wonderful gardens, luckily we had perfect weather, so below are few images from the first session that we did, more will follow , as she had brought along a change of clothes, and we moved around the property.



A studio shoot

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A short while ago, I had a studio shoot with another local model. Mollee was another model that i found easy to work with. unfortunately, i had to leave early so did not manage to get a second session with her, so here are just of a few images from the first session, hope you like them…..Bum-1-2


Well a bit later than i anticipated, but here are a few more images of my location shoot with Kirsty.


She was awesome to work with, and I still have more images to go through….football getting in the way at the moment.

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An evening with a Minx….Part two

So finally got around to editing some more of the images with the Minx..I wonder sometimes if it would be easier to give up the day job and concentrate 100% on my photography… one can dream……

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A change from the norm….Part One

Over the weekend I did a location shoot with a local model, Kirsty.

By day she is a personal trainer and is very much into the female body build, going to the gym six days a week, where she finds the time from I do not know. However, this shoot was not a body build shoot, the idea and purpose behind this shoot was to show her feminine side, it only became apparent to me of her physical prowess during the shoot whilst in conversation with her.

She was very understanding, the day of the shoot was on the cool side and she was wearing summer clothes, I had requested them…so my fault, but she was very professional and did not raise any issues during the shoot.

The shoot lasted about 80 minutes in which time i managed to take over 200 images, OK so some will be destined to the delete button, but a high percentage will not, to say that she was great to work with, would be very much understating the fact, she was BRILLIANT….

I managed to get so many good images with Kirsty, that i will post them over up coming blogs, maybe three, maybe four…just keep watching….So here are a few of the first….




An Evening With A Minx…part one

A few weeks ago I had the chance to try out a new local studio, about 10 minutes from home instead of the 50 minute journey.

A small studio, but very well equipped, complete with an infinity wall, nice and bright white.

The model for the night was Kez, who is also know as Miss Minx. Not worked with her before so this was first. She was easy going and up for trying out some idea that were very clearly uncomfortable, but with a smile on her face she obliged.

So a few images from the night below  these are from the first session that we did together, there was a change of outfits, for another sessions, but more of those in part two…..

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Playing About

With some spare time, I have decided to have a go at putting together a composite image using Photoshop CC2018.

Watched a few videos on line, but mainly got the idea from a talk at last years Photography Show. Took 10 months for the time to be right, but worth keeping these small nuggets of information, you never know when they will be of use.

So the first task was to get my images, all taken against a black backdrop with a single flash and  large rectangular soft box. once set the light stayed the same.

Second step was to line my my four willing volunteers, in this case, the grandchildren. Could never get them all to stand still for a few minutes so the idea of a composition was perfect.

Third step with the shots now in Photoshop was to put them together, this was bit trickier than first thought, but after a few failed attempts, I soon got the hang of it, and first image produced. I then started to do another one, this time of my two sons, along with my niece and nephew, an idea for a mothers day present.

No off to try some more ideas out, below are the resultants.







The Annual Visit

So earlier this month it was the yearly pilgrimage to the show that is ‘The Photography Show 2018’ held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

For a change I decided to go on the Saturday, so expecting a crowd, got there before it opened, only to find, yes there was a crowd waiting to get in.

I like to get there early as the first stand that I head to is the Adobe Theatre, and tickets for the talks go like hot cakes. I got my tickets to the two talks that I was most interested in and then was able to relax into the show itself.

There was a real buzz around, something that I had not noticed in previous years, could be down to a Saturday visit rather than my normal Monday.

Also as a change, left my DSLR at home, and just replied on the phone. Much easier than carting a DSLR about.

I really enjoyed the shown and realised that after 5 hours there, I had not made it halfway through the stands. There was just so many good talks/demos going on at the main stages and also the trade stands., as well as impromptu shoots, the cocktail camper van being one.

Overall, a really good visit and already looking forward to the show next year.




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