A change from the norm….Part One

Over the weekend I did a location shoot with a local model, Kirsty.

By day she is a personal trainer and is very much into the female body build, going to the gym six days a week, where she finds the time from I do not know. However, this shoot was not a body build shoot, the idea and purpose behind this shoot was to show her feminine side, it only became apparent to me of her physical prowess during the shoot whilst in conversation with her.

She was very understanding, the day of the shoot was on the cool side and she was wearing summer clothes, I had requested them…so my fault, but she was very professional and did not raise any issues during the shoot.

The shoot lasted about 80 minutes in which time i managed to take over 200 images, OK so some will be destined to the delete button, but a high percentage will not, to say that she was great to work with, would be very much understating the fact, she was BRILLIANT….

I managed to get so many good images with Kirsty, that i will post them over up coming blogs, maybe three, maybe four…just keep watching….So here are a few of the first….




Its Been A While

Its been a while since my last blog. Been busy, we had a club meeting at the end of Jan 2018, the very last one.

David had arranged for a very interesting speaker to bring the club to an end, the local sports photographer Alan Spink (https://actionphotography.photoshelter.com). It was good to hear how he struggled to begin with , had some setbacks, but with his determination and talent managed to come though and get to the top of his game.

Well worth checking out his website, see the link above.

No pictures of my own this time.

As the club has now ceased to be, i will have to arrange my own shoots. So with this in mind, i have decided to sign up to Purple-Port. First shoot booked in a few weeks time. Here’s to it. Images to follow once the shoot is done. Watch this space.



End of an era……..

One a month, myself and few fellow photographers attend a small but informed club run by David Rann. David works hard at organising guest speakers, and some have been of the Richter scale in the talks that they give. Sadly though as much as tries , he is often let down my speakers failing ti turn up, cancelling. at very very short notice or not even bothering to return calls.

David also runs courses with approach to improve peoples photography techniques, and having been on several of these I can say that he hits the bulls-eye every time, from models to locations to advice. As with the club, he is often let done by no-show models and is left running around at the last minute to arrange replacements, who, occasionally also let him down.

David has now decided to call it a day on the courses and the club, after the end of this year.

David will be missed as I am sure that all the people that have been on his courses, myself included, have seen their photography improve significantly.

David, all the best for the future and thanks for your support over the last years…..




More of Cally

It as been a while since the last post, busy with life, doing the daily chore and teh grind of the normal. Not had much chance to do any serious photography. You may re-call that way back in June, when we had the summer, i did a shoot with a local model, Cally. I have already uploaded a few photos from the day. Looking through them on a rainy night, i realised that i had taken quite a few more than i had previously realised, now with a small amount of free time, I have started to go through these. So after a quick look, here are a few more.

There will be at least one more post of her images, possible two.

So enjoy these for now, looking forward, i have a shot planned through the Flash Centre, using Phase One equipment. Not used there gear before so really looking forward to that, not until September so a few week to wait.

New Model

OK, so she is not a real model, but in fact my granddaughter. I was trying out a few ideas, and well she was there. For a nine year old she is very thoughtful, and even though i am very obviously biased,  gorgeous.

Hope you like the images. all natural light and processed using Silver Efex.


The paper, if you are wondering, was the Sunday Times…..





Cally – Part One

A few weeks ago i was lucky enough to do a location shoot with a local model Cally. The theme was ‘Nude in the landscape. The location, a small holding in the village of Great Alne, just outside Alcester in Warwickshire.

The weather, for an outside shoot was good to start with, warn, perfect for Cally as she was …well, from the theme of the shoot you get the picture….slightly overcast, no harsh light. The locations were spot on, a beautiful tree, could have been taken out of a Harry Potter film set, a much smaller version of the ‘Whomping Willow’.

So we got off to a good start, but after a while it started to rain, light at start, but with the tree canopy, it did not hold up the shoot.

So below are a few images,  my first pass from all of the images taken during the day. There are quite a few more to review, edit, etc. so i will do this over the coming weeks and post a few more blogs with images.


A big thank you to Cally for being an absolute professional during the day, you were ace…

An hour in the life of…….

Have been a bit quiet on the photography front, Christmas and new year got in the way, but back to normal now.

Recently tasked myself with doing a small project. I have several in the planing stages but never seem to get around to starting them, always seem to find something else more important to do, so they take their place on the back burner. So to kick start the new year and make it the year of the project I did a small project, the idea was to record the first hour of my morning from when the alarm goes of to walking out the front door.

IMG_4231-blackwhite-layers-borders-sized copy

The images are shown in the order that my first hour takes, with the alarm going off….

advanced-2 copy

to the habitual shave…might try a grow a beard one day….to getting dressed……

advanced-3 copy

The first cup of coffee to get me going, the fresh hit of caffeine to sharpen the senses…..

advanced-1 copy

To the final act of shoes on and out the door…..

Shoes copy

When condensed into a few images, it seem tat the hour is being dragged out and i should be able to get up and out in a lot shorter time than one hour.


Well that’s the first project done for 2016…here’s to some more over the course of the next 11 months.



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