An hour in the life of…….

Have been a bit quiet on the photography front, Christmas and new year got in the way, but back to normal now.

Recently tasked myself with doing a small project. I have several in the planing stages but never seem to get around to starting them, always seem to find something else more important to do, so they take their place on the back burner. So to kick start the new year and make it the year of the project I did a small project, the idea was to record the first hour of my morning from when the alarm goes of to walking out the front door.

IMG_4231-blackwhite-layers-borders-sized copy

The images are shown in the order that my first hour takes, with the alarm going off….

advanced-2 copy

to the habitual shave…might try a grow a beard one day….to getting dressed……

advanced-3 copy

The first cup of coffee to get me going, the fresh hit of caffeine to sharpen the senses…..

advanced-1 copy

To the final act of shoes on and out the door…..

Shoes copy

When condensed into a few images, it seem tat the hour is being dragged out and i should be able to get up and out in a lot shorter time than one hour.


Well that’s the first project done for 2016…here’s to some more over the course of the next 11 months.



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