A studio shoot

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A short while ago, I had a studio shoot with another local model. Mollee was another model that i found easy to work with. unfortunately, i had to leave early so did not manage to get a second session with her, so here are just of a few images from the first session, hope you like them…..Bum-1-2


Well a bit later than i anticipated, but here are a few more images of my location shoot with Kirsty.


She was awesome to work with, and I still have more images to go through….football getting in the way at the moment.

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An evening with a Minx….Part two

So finally got around to editing some more of the images with the Minx..I wonder sometimes if it would be easier to give up the day job and concentrate 100% on my photography… one can dream……

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A change from the norm….Part One

Over the weekend I did a location shoot with a local model, Kirsty.

By day she is a personal trainer and is very much into the female body build, going to the gym six days a week, where she finds the time from I do not know. However, this shoot was not a body build shoot, the idea and purpose behind this shoot was to show her feminine side, it only became apparent to me of her physical prowess during the shoot whilst in conversation with her.

She was very understanding, the day of the shoot was on the cool side and she was wearing summer clothes, I had requested them…so my fault, but she was very professional and did not raise any issues during the shoot.

The shoot lasted about 80 minutes in which time i managed to take over 200 images, OK so some will be destined to the delete button, but a high percentage will not, to say that she was great to work with, would be very much understating the fact, she was BRILLIANT….

I managed to get so many good images with Kirsty, that i will post them over up coming blogs, maybe three, maybe four…just keep watching….So here are a few of the first….




An evening with a Vampire….

OK, not a dramatic as the title suggests. As in an earlier blog, I have joined the ranks of Purple-Port and dived in a set up a shot with a local model who goes under the name of….Vampire Princess…..

This was the first time that I had arranged a shot, so was a bit apprehensive. Once I meet the ‘Vampire@ any thoughts I had was soon put to the back of my mind, and we dived straight into the session.

I had booked for an one hour slot, and before i knew it, the 60 minutes had gone, just as well as bang on cue, the batteries in my flash gave up the ghost. I was a bit surprised that they only lasted the hour, but when I looked at the image count on the SD card, I had some understanding, in the hour, I had shot over 170 frames….

I managed to get some good shots, a few of which are below. So thank you very much Vampire, a great introduction, and it’s not put me off doing anymore using Purple-Port.

Note – some of the images are nude, so only carry on if these do not offend you…..

Its Been A While

Its been a while since my last blog. Been busy, we had a club meeting at the end of Jan 2018, the very last one.

David had arranged for a very interesting speaker to bring the club to an end, the local sports photographer Alan Spink (https://actionphotography.photoshelter.com). It was good to hear how he struggled to begin with , had some setbacks, but with his determination and talent managed to come though and get to the top of his game.

Well worth checking out his website, see the link above.

No pictures of my own this time.

As the club has now ceased to be, i will have to arrange my own shoots. So with this in mind, i have decided to sign up to Purple-Port. First shoot booked in a few weeks time. Here’s to it. Images to follow once the shoot is done. Watch this space.



The Last Post…….of 2017

So this is the last post of 2017. The year photographic speaking did not go to plan. I had so much planned to do ,but some how, life got in the way, note to self, be more selfish with your time, make more me time, and sometimes, sod the rest.


I have a few shots planned for January 2018 and with ides already in the melting pot for late, this time still life, well sort of still, but no people involved, sometimes working with models is not all it is cracked up to be.


Any way i digress. A few week ago we got a lot of snow, well for the UK it was  a lot, probably for a lot of people out there is was just a light covering. I did allow me some time to capture a few images of our semi-tame squirrel, who we feed on a very regular basis, so below are just a few images of him/her in the garden.

Many thanks and a happy new year to all out there.


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e t


More of Marra

As stated in previous posts, I seem to find little time to do the editing, finally got around do doing some more of the shoot with Marra back in September 2017.

There are still some more to do, as well as images from other shoots.

Now where did I put the keys to the time machine……..




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Shawna, it continues

As stated way back when, some more images from the shoot with Shawna at the Strangetown Studio in Birmingham.



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ill a few more to go….

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