The Last Post…….of 2017

So this is the last post of 2017. The year photographic speaking did not go to plan. I had so much planned to do ,but some how, life got in the way, note to self, be more selfish with your time, make more me time, and sometimes, sod the rest.


I have a few shots planned for January 2018 and with ides already in the melting pot for late, this time still life, well sort of still, but no people involved, sometimes working with models is not all it is cracked up to be.


Any way i digress. A few week ago we got a lot of snow, well for the UK it was  a lot, probably for a lot of people out there is was just a light covering. I did allow me some time to capture a few images of our semi-tame squirrel, who we feed on a very regular basis, so below are just a few images of him/her in the garden.

Many thanks and a happy new year to all out there.


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