Well a bit later than i anticipated, but here are a few more images of my location shoot with Kirsty.


She was awesome to work with, and I still have more images to go through….football getting in the way at the moment.

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An evening with a Vampire….

OK, not a dramatic as the title suggests. As in an earlier blog, I have joined the ranks of Purple-Port and dived in a set up a shot with a local model who goes under the name of….Vampire Princess…..

This was the first time that I had arranged a shot, so was a bit apprehensive. Once I meet the ‘Vampire@ any thoughts I had was soon put to the back of my mind, and we dived straight into the session.

I had booked for an one hour slot, and before i knew it, the 60 minutes had gone, just as well as bang on cue, the batteries in my flash gave up the ghost. I was a bit surprised that they only lasted the hour, but when I looked at the image count on the SD card, I had some understanding, in the hour, I had shot over 170 frames….

I managed to get some good shots, a few of which are below. So thank you very much Vampire, a great introduction, and it’s not put me off doing anymore using Purple-Port.

Note – some of the images are nude, so only carry on if these do not offend you…..

An evening in Strangetown………

On Monday night I attended the opening night of a new studio in Birmingham. Housed in the old Telsen Radio building, Strangetown ( a Jam track) offers some very atmospheric locations from goods lift that come complete with grunge effect, staircases and industrial areas.

The resident model, Lady-Emilie Walt was lined up a few hours passed both in the studio and locations through the building.

Below are just a few images of Emilie from the night. Look forward to doing more shoots there in the future.

The Photography Show 2017

Well today was the day I made my annual pilgrimage to the Photography Show at the NEC Birmingham.


For a change I arrived before it opened, there was a speaker in the Adobe theatre that i wanted to see/hear at 10:15,and if anything like the previous years, you need to get there early to grab a seat. They are always very well attended, the speakers know their stuff, and they do not seem to suffer the technical gremlins that other speakers seem to have at the show. I was not disappointed, picked up some nice tips that i shall be putting into practice both in Lightroom and Photoshop.


There seemed to be a real buzz about the show. All the stands seemed to be doing trade and some real bargains to be had, I know that I splashed the cash on a few items for my small studio. Just got to find the time to use them now.


Although I took my camera i did not get chance to use it much. I made the mistake of making my purchases early, so had to lug them around. Maybe they should get a package creche for next year. i for one would use, even would pay for it as well. I know that of the items i brought, there was very few left, in fact only one left after my purchase.


Hats to  Photoshoot Magazine catwalk show. The effort that these guys and girls put in is phenomenal, and the models have some reals guts to walk out and face, what must seem like a baying pack of photographers, I for one would not do it.


So here a few images from the show, enjoy.



It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I posted, life seems to have got in the way and somewhere posting took a backseat, thinking that I will post tomorrow, but that day never seemed to come around, till today. Its been quiet on the photography front, so here is a few from a studio shoot I did a while ago.

Must make more of an effort and try to post on a regular basis, and try some new techniques.

One thing to look forward to is the Photography Show at the NEC next weekend. Ticket have arrived and I am all set. If it is anything like the last few show, it should be a good one, post will follow.


A day out at the Photography Show 2016

So that time of year again, a day out at the Photography Show 2016. Comparing it to last year, there seemed a better vibe to the day, and first impressions was that it was a better show. As I wandered around, my first thoughts turned out to be right. The layout was better, and the sessions that I attended were full, there was a lot of people there, however, as in previous years, the technical gremlins were out, in full force. This is a constant issue whenever I go to the show, and one year, they might get it right and produce an tech error free zone…..might be asking for too much.


There where also to be a few more demonstrations taking place on the stand, particularly on the studio lighting displays. I watched a few of these, and picked up some useful techniques for the future, just need to put them into practice.


I was impressed with the catwalk show put on by the Photoshoot Magazine. The make up on the models was superb, my favourite was the ‘Steam Punk’. He really played his role well, a few images are below.



The ‘walking dead’ character was also very impressive…..


All in all, a very good show, much improved from last year. They have set the bar high, this one will take some beating, looking forward to my visit in 2017.




The Photography Show 2015

So last week was the annual trip to the National Exhibition Centre to the Photography Show. A change of halls this year which meant a much shorter walk from the train station. Keep the aching feet for the walk around the hall.

I arrived just after 10 and after a quick breakfast entered the lions dens. Compared to last years visit the hall was very busy for an early start, sign of good times ahead.

The seminars were well attended, pity on the Bowen’s stand later on that the link from the camera to the laptop failed so we were not able to keep up and this lost a lot of the audience.

Adobe seminars were full to bursting, even though I had a ticket, I only just squeezed in. Adobe needs to sort this out for next year, tickets get the seats, at least we took the trouble to get there early to reserve a space.

Last word must go to the Wild Arena team set up on the Manfrotto stand. Shame that you looked as an after thought on there, but the seminar that you did was first rate, and the ‘models’ that you had behaved like proper professionals. A  bigger stand next year with better signing would not go amiss.

Will I be attending next years show, yes I will, still worth going, and compared to last years, this was a much improved show.


LRPS Update

So, the date is booked for me to submit my work to see if it is good enough to earn a LRPS Distinction from the the Royal Photographic Society.

Date is the 22nd March during the Photography Show at the NEC, Birmingham.

Sent of the images to the printers, now just waiting for them to comeback and then review and change and sort the changing plan and then review till i get my final ten.

Getting some thoughts now that the selection will not be good enough but at least i have got time to re-shoot / re-work any that i do not think that are strong enough.

Not too stressed at the moment, but no doubt when the prints turn up and then the day starts to get closer the jangle of the nerves will start to increase…….

LRPS Distinction

Ok, so after a lot of deliberation, i have decided to apply for an LRPS distinction with the Royal Photographic Society. I have been looking through images that i have taken over the past years both in studio and location shoots and have made a selection of the pictures that i will review and get down to the required number. Strangely, the images that i like are all of portraits, both male and female, So over the next few week i will look at these at different time of the day and make my selection.

I have also posted them in this blog, please see below, so if anybody out there reads the blog, any comment/thoughts/suggestions that you my have (keep them clean) would be most welcome and helpful.

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