A day out at the Photography Show 2016

So that time of year again, a day out at the Photography Show 2016. Comparing it to last year, there seemed a better vibe to the day, and first impressions was that it was a better show. As I wandered around, my first thoughts turned out to be right. The layout was better, and the sessions that I attended were full, there was a lot of people there, however, as in previous years, the technical gremlins were out, in full force. This is a constant issue whenever I go to the show, and one year, they might get it right and produce an tech error free zone…..might be asking for too much.


There where also to be a few more demonstrations taking place on the stand, particularly on the studio lighting displays. I watched a few of these, and picked up some useful techniques for the future, just need to put them into practice.


I was impressed with the catwalk show put on by the Photoshoot Magazine. The make up on the models was superb, my favourite was the ‘Steam Punk’. He really played his role well, a few images are below.



The ‘walking dead’ character was also very impressive…..


All in all, a very good show, much improved from last year. They have set the bar high, this one will take some beating, looking forward to my visit in 2017.




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