The Photography Show 2017

Well today was the day I made my annual pilgrimage to the Photography Show at the NEC Birmingham.


For a change I arrived before it opened, there was a speaker in the Adobe theatre that i wanted to see/hear at 10:15,and if anything like the previous years, you need to get there early to grab a seat. They are always very well attended, the speakers know their stuff, and they do not seem to suffer the technical gremlins that other speakers seem to have at the show. I was not disappointed, picked up some nice tips that i shall be putting into practice both in Lightroom and Photoshop.


There seemed to be a real buzz about the show. All the stands seemed to be doing trade and some real bargains to be had, I know that I splashed the cash on a few items for my small studio. Just got to find the time to use them now.


Although I took my camera i did not get chance to use it much. I made the mistake of making my purchases early, so had to lug them around. Maybe they should get a package creche for next year. i for one would use, even would pay for it as well. I know that of the items i brought, there was very few left, in fact only one left after my purchase.


Hats to  Photoshoot Magazine catwalk show. The effort that these guys and girls put in is phenomenal, and the models have some reals guts to walk out and face, what must seem like a baying pack of photographers, I for one would not do it.


So here a few images from the show, enjoy.



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