An evening with…. A bowl of M&M’s

With the weather being absolutely awful the UK, not much chance to get out of a weekend, whether photography related or just for a walk in the countryside, it was time to get the old photo mags out and have a look to see what I could do at home with minimal kit.

After looking through them i chanced across an article where they were taking images of a bowl of smarties using glycerine,a macro lens, piece of glass, tripod and a desk lamp.

Great, got  all of these except the smarties, but a quick trip to the local supermarket and a bag of M&M’s where in the basked through the checkout and back home in no time at all.

The set-up was quite straight forward, the tricky pats was making sure that the glass was absolutely clean with no grease stains, finer marks, stray hairs were present.Any of these needed to be cleaned off.IMG_4136

After that it was just setting up the bowl with the M&M’s  on the table, the sheet of glass above it, supported on each side by a few books. then drops of glycerine on the glass and then set the camera up on a tripod with the desk lamp positioned off to side. Then, just started playing with how close to put the camera, how many drops ro put on and changing the focal point, aperture and speed to suit.



It was a great way to spend a few hours, better than getting wet, got some great images, and the best bit, got  bowl of M&M’s to eat when everything was tided up.


Well worth doing, and i will be doing this again trying out different props, ant mixing them up, maybe jellie babies and liquorice allsorts.



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