A day with the animals

A few years ago I was able to attend a photo shoot at small cats wildlife centre in Hertfordshire.

Not having done this before it was a new adventure and hopefully new skills to add, as well as good images.

The format of the day was to stay with the tutor and listen, take the advice and then get the shoots.

One of the main benefits of doing a shoot like this with no members of the general public about is that you are allowed to ‘go beyond the first line’. So being behind this you are up close to the cage. That extra metre makes a hell of a difference, if you felt the urge you could have put your hand into the enclosure, would have come out with a few fingers missing, so was not tempted to do this.

Being so close enabled me to eliminate the bars of the cage, resulting in a more out in the wild feel to the pictures. Still being mindful that if they wanted to, they could still do damage to you or the equipment.

It was a very good day, with some great experience, if anybody was thinking about attending one of these, then go for it, you will not be disappointed.

Anyway, just a few images from the day are below, enjoy…..


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