Once a month, I have a magazine delivered, Black and White Photography. In my view one of the best photography magazines out there on the UK shelves. It is a magazine that talks mainly about photography and does not get too hung up on techniques/projects. Don’t get me wrong there are certain sections of the magazine that relate to this but they manage to keep it straightforward and rather then tell you what to do, give you a prod with some suggestions/ideas.

One of these in particular is the section written by Tim Clinch, his Smart Guide. In the articles he discuses the use of mobile phones as a camera and which apps he uses and how he uses these to get the look that he is after. I enjoy reading these and in one recent article he suggested, leaving your main DSLR at home and just using a mobile phone.


That coincided with a small trip i was making with my wife to the city of Liverpool, so I thought well why not. the big bag was left at home, making a change, so just with the mobile phone off i walked. Unfortunately , the weather was against us, so I only managed a few images, but the experience has left me hungry for more.



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