The Annual Visit

So earlier this month it was the yearly pilgrimage to the show that is ‘The Photography Show 2018’ held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

For a change I decided to go on the Saturday, so expecting a crowd, got there before it opened, only to find, yes there was a crowd waiting to get in.

I like to get there early as the first stand that I head to is the Adobe Theatre, and tickets for the talks go like hot cakes. I got my tickets to the two talks that I was most interested in and then was able to relax into the show itself.

There was a real buzz around, something that I had not noticed in previous years, could be down to a Saturday visit rather than my normal Monday.

Also as a change, left my DSLR at home, and just replied on the phone. Much easier than carting a DSLR about.

I really enjoyed the shown and realised that after 5 hours there, I had not made it halfway through the stands. There was just so many good talks/demos going on at the main stages and also the trade stands., as well as impromptu shoots, the cocktail camper van being one.

Overall, a really good visit and already looking forward to the show next year.




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