Playing About

With some spare time, I have decided to have a go at putting together a composite image using Photoshop CC2018.

Watched a few videos on line, but mainly got the idea from a talk at last years Photography Show. Took 10 months for the time to be right, but worth keeping these small nuggets of information, you never know when they will be of use.

So the first task was to get my images, all taken against a black backdrop with a single flash and  large rectangular soft box. once set the light stayed the same.

Second step was to line my my four willing volunteers, in this case, the grandchildren. Could never get them all to stand still for a few minutes so the idea of a composition was perfect.

Third step with the shots now in Photoshop was to put them together, this was bit trickier than first thought, but after a few failed attempts, I soon got the hang of it, and first image produced. I then started to do another one, this time of my two sons, along with my niece and nephew, an idea for a mothers day present.

No off to try some more ideas out, below are the resultants.







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