Woman in chains

A while ago, the photo club that I am a member of decided to produce a photo book. There was no theme to the book, we were requested to submit up to 6 images, preferably on a theme of their own.

After mulling a few ideas over, I decided to go with one theme, the title from one of my favourite songs, Woman in Chains by Tears for Fears. I remember hearing it quite a few years ago and was struck by soulful voices and the message contained in it. So now I had my theme, I had to work out mu six images, out with the sketch book and pen and doddling began.

So after a while I had whittled my original ideas down to six. Now to take the concept out of the sketchbook and bring it to life, so to speak.

I collected a few props, most of them was in the house, a few I had to purchase, the chain and a new white backdrop.

And here they are, I kept them all black and white and in a portrait mode.

The first image is of the chains themselves.


The second image represents sex.


The third in the series, Childcare.


Look carefully on the chains, there is a babies dummy


The fourth image is for Cleaning.


The fifth, Cooking.


And the sixth and final image is Ironing.


All images were processed using Silver Efex Pro, a really great piece of software.


Thanks to my model for the afternoon, the chains were quite heavy and she put up with a lot from me, hopefully her efforts were worth it.

I took away a few ideas from doing this, and am now in the planning stages for more projects based on the titles of songs from my playlist.

Watch this space.

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